Nexcel Experiential-Consumer Activation

The market place is a war-front with so many brands struggling to gain attention and capture the minds of the consumers mostly through the mass media channels.

By implication, the barrage of information coming through these channels greatly reduces the effectiveness of traditional marketing.
Consumers today want the touch, feel, taste and smell element when deciding on which product/service to purchase.

Beyond conventional advertising therefore, brands must connect emotionally with their target market in order to develop a loyal relationship. ‘Face-to-face’ educational interaction equates to messages from brands being understood, experienced and ultimately purchased by their target market.

Nexcel Experiential strives to be a leading partner not only in consumer promotions, but also in educational drives as well as Cause Related Marketing initiatives – with our ability to provide accurate mass and niche targeted marketing solutions. What’s more, we’re at the forefront of innovation as we constantly refine our strategies to keep them fresh and effective.

Nexcel Experiential creates memorable interactive consumer brand experiences with added value. We creatively enhance your consumer promotional activities by adding sassy dimensions such as touch, feel, smell, taste that entice consumers to interact with your brand.

We can initiate experiential campaigns in the following areas:

– Open Markets / Streets Storm
– In-Store – Supermarkets / Malls
– Entertainment / Leisure Centres /Spots
– Schools (Tertiary / Secondary/Primary)
– Airports / Stadia Consumer Activation

Nexcel In-Store Activation

In-Store Activation provide the last opportunity at the point of sale to induce purchase. Over the years, Nexcel has been partnering with some BTL agencies to provide appropriate personnel and technology that distinguished and delivered memorable In-Store activation for leading brands pan-Nigeria.

Nexcel has now taken this drive further to offer an end-to-end range of In-Store solutions covering all major retail trade channels, tailor-made to ensure quantifiable sales’ results.

These services include:

– In-Store promotions & Sampling
– Custom designed, high-tech/high–touch/high-impact trade activations

Retail & Wholesale- Increasing pressure to deliver short-term sales results has prompted Nexcel to create a Strategic In-Store promotions’ for clients in:

– FMCG / Retail
– Pharmaceutical
– Telcos/Technology

All our interventions are developed taking the trade conditions and brand requirements into consideration to deliver the following benefits:

– Induce Sales
– Motivate brand switching
– Flexible staffing solutions (including the selection, recruiting and training of promoters)
– Ad hoc (daily rate – short term campaigns)
– On site store checks
– State-of-the-art reporting

Nexcel Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are specialised promoters recruited in accordance with the product requirements, in so doing they represent a brand appropriately, professionally and relevantly in a specific environment.

Nexcel specialises in recruiting individuals who are knowledgeable in their field, making Brand Ambassadors an excellent platform to drive the product and awareness thereof. By targeting a market specific to a product, Brand Ambassadors reinforce the focus on a product while highlighting the brand.

– Holistic educational programme
– Retain individual brand identity and messaging
– Development of an on-going loyalty programme
– Create scale efficiencies

Nexcel Events / Sponsorship Management

What is “Nexcel Experience”? The simple answer is Nexcel’s approach to events planning, implementation and follow-through where the target audience experience is given top priority. Our starting point is to attract the potential audience from when they start hearing about the event to after they attend.

A fully integrated approach that both raises expectations and then exceeds them. The set design has to be stunning but just as important as the marketing communications that promote it, the guerrilla marketing activity that hijacks the event, the personnel, the premix that reinforces your messages and the follow up messaging that builds relationships.

We have hands-on experience in managing diverse events and delivering to each client’s specifications.

There is no doubt that every client/event demand is unique, therefore we come to each project with a fresh outlook to ensure we provide the very best delivery to the satisfaction of each individual client. We work closely with you, whilst providing experienced guidance to guarantee we match your event expectations.

Our experienced event staff will plan your event in the finest detail, producing an Event Operations Program to ensure every eventuality is covered, and while onsite, should the unexpected happen, we are masters at responding quickly, responsibly and creatively.

Mobile / Interactive / Social Media

This is a digital amplification concept which keeps consumers connected to their brands. It creates an interactive forum for loyal consumers in each category, such that their unique needs can be identified, collated and satisfied.

This helps gather real time market intelligence and build relationships with consumers, partners and others alike.

Using our Web Utility Tools, Mobile Messaging, SMS Campaign, Proximity Marketing etc., we have been able to reach a larger audience with just a click of the button.