About Nexcel Marketing

Nexcel Marketing is an Integrated Marketing Communications Agency with core competencies in Campaign Ideation, Planning, Management and Evaluation, and a business focus on Experiential Marketing, Event Management, and BTL Production Management.

We are passionate about bringing the X-factor value to bear in the below-the -line marketing space for our clients who yearn for X-ceptional creativity and results that justify their marketing investments.

Nexcel Marketing is affiliated to Samplex (SA) PTY Limited. A BEE Level 1 Agency with excellent African footprint.

We market products, services, brands or organisations by creating and implementing X-traordinary experiences and campaigns designed and produced to inspire, educate, inform and convert targeted audiences across relevant touch points.

Our goal is to deliver measurable value for our clients through impactful engagement at strategic touch points. We offer to leverage our expertise to deliver measurable value for your brands, products or service and indeed your business.

Nexcel Marketing is powered by a team of X-perienced professionals passionate about breathing life into brands, creating memorable experiences at touch points and more importantly raising advocates for your brands, products and services.

We love to create, innovate and implement using tactile or sensory techniques leveraging on insights and well thought –out strategies with key business objectives in mind, delivering on briefs that require X-traordinary thinking and within budgets.

We are driven by a culture of X-cellence and performance in all that we do which industry pundits have come to refer to “The Nexcel  X-perience”

The Nexcel Marketing Vision

To be the leading enabler of innovative marketing experiences in emerging African economies..

The Nexcel Marketing Mission

To create and implement cutting edge marketing solutions at touch points that profitably contribute to the realization of our clients’ business objectives.

The Nexcel Marketing Edge

Our business philosophy is anchored on the following theme: “Understand the consumer’s lifestyle / mindset and use innovative touch points to reach them.”

From our experience, getting the message to consumers (wherever they may be) is good but getting it to the right consumers is critical and more important.

Nexcel Xperiential is known for precision targeting, by approaching the right consumers at the right time with the right product – focusing on lifestyle marketing.

Nexcel Xperiential has developed MarketScope, which is a comprehensive national database of Nigerian markets and demographic segmentation used to pinpoint specific target markets in key cities and suburbs. MarketScope also comes in schools, work environments, leisure spots, traffic intersections and shopping centres.

Nexcel Xperiential will conduct an in-depth analysis of your target market using our proprietary MarketScope. This provides insight into your target audience demographics ensuring precision targeting.

By undertaking in-depth research we have the ability to understand consumer’s thinking and create campaigns that trigger the desired behavior. All this allows us to not only achieve precision targeting, but also provide suitable communications that guarantees maximum return on your promotional investment.